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Clock Tower in Biala

Byala town, Varna district, is located at one of the most picturesque areas along the Bulgarian north Black Sea coast, at the skirts of the easternmost part of the mountain Stara Planina. The town is located to the south of Varna at 55 km and at 70 km north to Burgas.

Byala is a peaceful and jovial small town with well developed tourism and accommodation facilities. The town altitude is 42 m. The coast of the area represent s an amazing combination of steep rocks, small bays, and long sandy beaches , some of them with sand dunes. The combination of mountainous and sea climate of the area ensures a wonderful vacation in Byala during the all seasons. The absence of industrial objects guarantee the ecology of the area.

Kara Dere Beach

Kara dere (The Black gorge) and Byala reka (The White river) are the southernmost sea-coast areas of the Varna district. They are located between Byala and Goritza village close to the northern side of Stara Planina and close to the protected natural zone Irakli. The area is still wild, the absence of infrastructure and this is the reason it is favored by many tourists. The beach is sandy, clean, surrounded by forest or bushes at different parts of it. Good for windsurfing and wild-camping tourism.

White RockThe phenomenon “White rocks” landmark is found here - fantastic geologic-paleontological world. According to prof. Preisinger – the leader of the geological expedition discovered the phenomenon, the geological profile is the first Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary found out in Bulgaria. Byala is the fourth place on earth where signs of the cataclysms of the Earth were found that brought to the extinction of dinosaurs, followed by the beginning of mammal development. The White rocks are located at the northernmost part of the central beach of Byala.

port Biala The port of Byala offers prospects for water-transport development and attractive sea tourism. The port is able to ensure standart port services for fishing and sport boats, and private vessels. The port is the place where you can always find and buy fresh sea-gifts, or experience an wonderful and never-to be-forgotten boat-excursion along the neighbour coast.


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