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The history of the town is interesting and dating back to ancient times. Thracians and Hellene s were at the beginning.

In the summer of 2009, Bulgarian archaeologists discovered an amazing early Christian basilica (VI AC) built on the high rocks of Cape St. Atanas. The old fables say that the oldest christian center in the area was the chapel of St. Atanas, located on the Cape St. Atanas. The chapel was inhabited by monks followers of Teodosius of Tarnovo, who was the prophed of Hesychasm. The chapel was ruinned by the Ottoman enslavers.

The oldest chirch, in Byala - St. Paraskeva has been built in 1847 by the Byala inhabitants. It represents a very low building and the reason for this were the Ottoman Empire regulations. According to them, a church construction (if permited to be built) should be lower than a turk soldier on his horse. The chirch is still operating at present.


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